As a Property Manager you have to wear many hats, your responsibilities and tasks could be dealing with rent arrears to negotiating a bond and everything in between!

If the current pandemic has highlighted one thing it’s that as real estate agents its essential to be able to work remotely.

Inspection Express offers the perfect solution to your leases and lease renewals with our paperless leasing feature!


Paperless leasing in a nutshell means you can send your leases totally electronically! Gone are the days of sending out paper leases in the post, or worse driving to the tenants property to drop them off. There are even property managers making special appointments to sign lease renewals, all of this is wasting precious time that you simply do not have. No one is a super hero and there are only 38 hours a week. Value your time and go paperless!

Another handy tip is to create a video for your tenants to watch to go alongside the new lease agreement which can all be sent digitally! No need for an inhouse sign up at all.

Remote Working


Sending your leases paperless allows you to be able to work totally remotely. With the click of a button you are able to send your lease agreements and lease renewals.

From the comfort of your remote space you can send a lease and your tenant can sign from their home. This is an absoloute life saver at the moment due to COVID-19. The ability to still be able to work and thrive as a business is essential.

Higher Return Rate


Tenants love electonic leases! The return rate for paperless leasing is more than 85% higher than sending a paper form.

There is no chasing of lease renewals, printing of reports or upcoming lease renewals and constantly phoning and emailing your tenants. Your tenant can simply sign from anywhere and return to you. So you can focus on your landlords and other parts of your business. Build your rapport with your clients and focus on your customer service.


It goes without saying that we should all be aware of how much we are printing and how much paper we are using. Paperless leasing uses zero paper. Use your environmental efforts as a selling point to potential clients. As we are all becoming more aware of our impacts on the envionment your landlords will be impressed that your business is taking steps to mitigate those impacts.



You are saving on the printing costs of all those agreements and ink. The cost of printing documents can run into hundreds of dollars to thousands a year. How often do tenants sign agreements incorrectly and then you have to print a whole new agreement! The time and hours spent from your staff on chasing up those agreements and renewals could be better spent on other more productive tasks. You could even use the time saved to get your staff to bring in new business and generate more revenue for your business.