Fast, Simple yet Powerful Property Inspection Solution

The smart cloud approach to property inspection. Inexpensive, reliable, and feature-rich!

Paperless Condition Reports

Take your office one step closer to becoming a paperless office.
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What we offer

Easy Solution

All your property information is at your fingertip. Every single property and inspection details can be viewed and updated with your iPad or iPad Mini on the go even without the internet. A complimentary Web Admin Console provides easy access to view report in the office at your comfort. Furthermore, let the built-in powerful search locate properties in a split of second anywhere.

Minimum Installation

Unlike traditional client and server architecture, with our cloud solution, there is NO need to purchase or install any hardware or software in the office. We offer simply a total turn-key solution. Save the time, the money spending on IT professionals and save the hassle of arranging IT onsite support. No more upgrade or replacement of IT infrastructure.

Professional Impression

Yes, we all need to impress our clients professionally. With the Inspection Express, you can provide detailed checklists, comments, and embedded and inline photos to show clients the condition of their properties. Produce beautiful branded and customizable reports with photos and your own logo is just a click away.

Fast Inspection

With our true mobility solution, it completely eliminates boring paperwork and filing using electronic checklists easily and quickly. There is no need to visit back the office either. What's more, thanks to the powerful Input Express feature, context-sensible wording suggestions let your thumbs work less, but input more and never waste time writing same comments again. And best still, Save up to 75% of your time.

Easy Day Planner

With the inspection list, you can view all inspections on the map. Intelligently suggest a customisable inspection route to each property. When planning the route, the app also shows the estimated time & distance between the visiting properties on the day, making the planning more accurate and enjoyable.

Smart Reminder

Our due-date reminder system is fully Integrated with the Calendar app on the iPad, iCalc on the Mac, and can also link with the Google Calendar. View all Inspection details including extra information such as tenant and landlord contacts in your calendar so it provides one-click calling. With the Smart Reminder, you will never miss an inspection ever again!!!