Day by day we seem to be getting back to what is a closer sense of normality.

So following years of our favourite COVID phrase – conducting a ‘pivoted‘ way of doing business, are remote inspections still a thing?

Ask a sample of Property Managers, landlords and tenants out there, and the overwhelming response you’ll hear is…


Back to face-to-face

We all admit, doing face-to-face business is such a relief and a very welcome comeback to our day-to-day operations.

Yet, conducting business remotely has now been engrained into our psyches – and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

It has simply opened up an alternate way of doing business. And we cannot argue with that.

A new and improved level of service

Conducting remote inspections opens up potential properties on so many levels.

  • For Tenants who cannot make inspections.
  • For Landlords to receive their inspection reports and videos.
  • For Property Managers to communicate with clients.

It gives you, as a Property Manager, access to an additional arsenal of tools to help your business grow.

A new marketing service for a competitive edge

The secret to a successful business with longevity is one that learns how to grow and evolve.

We cannot be stuck in the dark ages and expect to be giving our competitors a run for their money.

Remote inspections and software like our 360-degree Virtual Tours is state-of-the-art tech. It is helping to keep you ahead of the game and give you that competitive edge.

As after all, we all need to stand out right?

It’s a cut-throat business with any number of agencies looking to fill your shoes in an instant.

Catering to all needs

The reality is, that even though you may have local clients – whether they be potential new Tenants or Landlords, some really do prefer the remote option.

For busy working clients, it means not needing to shoot out of work for inspections.

For those with kids, it means not dragging children to inspections.

It means doing business at a time and place that suits the client.

Which is usually right in the comfort of their own home.

Better communication

On the flip side, for those who simply geographically cannot make inspections, remote inspections and virtual tours, gives you an additional platform to communicate.

It will help you to build a stronger relationship with a premium service offering.

No matter which way your clients decide to sway – whether it be getting back to face-to-face or staying virtual, remote inspections are here to stay.

And we think that’s a win-win for everyone.

Find out more about our new Virtual Tours tech to boost your remote offerings.