We are just days away from the launch of our new 360-degree inspection tool, Virtual Tours. It’s a game-changer for Property Managers, Directors, Landlords and Tenants combined.

For those of you who are thinking, “Sounds great but what’s the benefit?” we are here to give you the lowdown.

Our top 7 benefits of a virtual 360-degree inspection

  1. Cut inspection times in half

    Inspections can be time-consuming. From initial coordination of inspection times with Landlords and Tenants, followed by follow-up appointments and scheduling – it all adds up.

    Having the option to demonstrate a full 360 inspection, allows potential Tenants to feel as though they are literally walking through the doors. This high tech allows crystal clear images to be stitched together and watched, rewound and re-watched over and over again. It allows your clients to feel as though they are really there in person.

    For Interstate and International Landlords and Directors, it allows you to provide top-quality inspection videos that show everything and more than if they were right there with you.

    The result = peace of mind for your Landlords and Directors, and at the end of the day, that’s really what they are after. Happy Landlords and Directors = more business.

  2. Faster application & leasing process

    By streamlining your inspections with a 360 degree tour, you’ll find the time it takes to process and finalise your average lease application process slashed! You’ll be leasing properties quicker than you could ever realise.

  3. Assists to avoid end-of-tenancy disputes

    The best thing about a 360-degree inspection is that there is nowhere to hide. Everything you need is caught on a camera.

    Come the end of tenancies, there is minimal opportunity for Landlords and Tenants to dispute the condition of a property. It’s all there is high definition colour.

    Decreased end-of-tenancy disputes mean less stress and time spent in mediation or court – a win for everyone.

  4. View properties from anywhere at anytime

    The reality is we are all time-poor.

    Offering the option of a 360-degree virtual inspection means your clients, both Tenants and Landlords, can view a property at a time and place that suits.

    It could be on a lunch break, when travelling or when they finally get home to relax of an evening. Not everyone has the option to attend inspections at dedicated times, so giving a virtual option puts everyone on the same playing field.

  5. High level of service for Tenants & Landlords

    At the end of the day, you want to provide the best possible customer service to your Tenants and Landlords.

    When they feel valued and cared for, there is less likelihood of straying and switching Property Managers. Why ruin a good thing? We are all about helping our Agencies find new and innovative ways to wow their Landlords.

  6. Full transparency

    As we mentioned above with end-of-tenancy disputes, a virtual 360-degree inspection doesn’t leave many places to hide. It’s full transparency on a platter.

    If a property is well cared for, Landlords will see it in crystal clear high definition. Likewise, if it is being treated poorly.

  7. Win more business

    Word-of-mouth is your most powerful marketing tool, and one of the most under-used and underrated.

    Happy clients tell their friends. You don’t need to spend thousands on outdoor signage and online ads. You just need to provide the best customer service possible. And happy clients = more clients = more business.

Interested in finding out how a virtual 360 degree virtual tour can help you and your agency? Simply head to our Virtual Tours page and fill in the enquiry form for a demo of our groundbreaking new tech. A member of our team will be in touch with you!