Inspection Express is Australia’s most complete paperless inspection software available to the real estate industry. Our software allows you run a totally paperless office and carry out property inspections easily and quickly, saving you precious time.

With so many inspection apps on the market we take a closer look at why Inspection Express is different.

Paperless Condition Reports

Paperless Office allows you to send and receive your condition reports electronically. You can send your reports to your tenants from anywhere! Our software goes one step further allowing you to automate some of the tasks that can easily get forgotten, or take up time in your office.

  • You can schedule your report in advance to be sent to the tenant on the day their lease starts.
  • Our set and forget reminders allow the system to follow up the return of the report.

Our clients say they have had a massive increase in returned condition reports, due to how easy it is for tenants to return them electronically.

Remote Inspections

Remote Inspections allows you to schedule, conduct and send virtual remote inspections from anywhere.

Our remote inspections are designed for ease of use. There is no need for your tenants to download an app, they simply carry out the inspection within their web browser. With easy to follow templates and instructions, your tenants will actually enjoy doing remote inspections!

You can set your own templates and requirements that you need from the tenant such as a minium number of photos per area and comments. You can even ask the tenant to look at a previous issue in a routine such as mould on a ceiling with a similar reminder in the inspection itself. Thus migitating any risks or opportunities to stage an inspection.

Paperless Leasing

Paperless leasing gives you back precious time and automates the mundane tasks.

  • You can send you’re leases or renewals via email from our admin portal to the tenant electronically.
  • You can then review and sign the document electronically. As soon as the tenant signs, the landlord or property manager (depending on who you nominate) will automatically receive an email asking them to sign the document to finalise it.
  • Once that last person has signed, a signed and completed copy of the document will get sent out automatically via email to all tenants and landlord involved, as well as the property manager.
  • Everything is date, time and device tracked to minimise disputes. Automatic follow up emails can be set up in the system and there is no printing required.

Automated Workflows

Our software allows your office to streamline the way you work and cut out the mundane tasks that take up time in your day.

You can get your staff doing what they do best, managing properties and looking after your clients. With set and forget reminders, we have you covered and your clients looked after.


We are proud to say our software is pretty quick to say the least! For example 2,200 photos for a condition report took 38 secs to fully sync.

No more re-syncing photos, sync fails and waiting for hours for photos to load, in less than a minute you can have your photos fully loaded and finalised. You know when you are out doing an inspection and all the photos look clear but when you go back to the office some are blurry?

Our software can detect a blurry/low resolution photo and gives you the option to delete on site.

Some properties are the same or have areas which are virtually identical, you have the option to copy one area across to the other on site. For example Bedroom 1 might be the same as Bedroom 2 simply copy the area across and adjust for any damages.

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