Welcome to 360° Virtual Tours!

We are so glad you are here. This is just the beginning of your new Property Management journey with increased efficiency, professionalism and time-savings!

So let’s get you started.

By now you have received your 360° Virtual Tours pack. Let’s get you set up.

Insert SD Card

Charge Insta360 camera

If your Insta360 displays Format screen, Format your SDCard

Extend tripod & lock all mechanisms, screw camera to the top of the tripod

Connect 360 camera to your iPhone/iPad for the first time


We have created a comprehensive training manual for all new users to Virtual Tours. Simply click on the links below to head to a valuable resources guide with every tip and trick you need to know.


Format SD Card – Insta360 Camera

Getting Started With Company Branding & Camera Set Up

Getting Started With 360° Virtual Tours & Inspections

Tripod Cover Image & Branding

360° Camera & Tripod Set Up

Connecting the 360° Camera to your iPhone/iPad

Property Layout Set Up

Capturing 360° Images

Creating Pathways

Creating 360° Inspections & Virtual Tours Without Pathways

Isolated Pathways

Create Marketing Virtual Tours For Advertising

Converting a 360° Virtual Tour into an Entry Inspection

Switching 360° Cameras on your Device

Complete Training Manual


The Virtual Tours team run regular webinars on how to make the most of this 360° tech in your inspections. Check out the upcoming webinars on offer to get you started. Check back anytime when you need a refresher!