We released our remote inspection feature in May. Remote Inspections allows property managers to conduct routine inspections virtually, anytime, anywhere. Remote inspections has been very well received in the real estate industry. Tenants are returning them quickly, and the quality of the inspections has been outstanding. Property Managers are benefiting by saving precious time, and giving their clients and tenants choice.

If you are still wondering whether remote inspections can really benefit you and your office read on…

Time Saving

Most Property Managers will tell you that routine inspections are one of the most time consuming parts of property management. The admin involved in scheduling your routines for the following month can be a day to two day job. You then have to conduct all of the routines which on average can be 25-30 a month, 8-10 a week. That means a whole day out of the office a week or more if your portfolio is larger.

Then you have to drive to the properties and conduct them. Upon returning to the office you have the administration to deal with, maintenance to report, follow up and routines to send off. During all of this your emails are building up and other work is not being done, client phone calls might be avoided, relationship building is gone to the way side. Time is lost. You could be saving multiple hours a week just by utilising remote inspections as part of your routine inspections.

Client Choice

This is something that is talked about quite a lot in property management and real estate. Client choice. The movement of giving our clients choice, our tenants choice. Giving your clients choice has immeasurable benefits such increased client satisfaction and improved outcomes. By giving your tenant the opportunity to be involved in the routine inspection you maybe surprised at the results. Don’t underestimate the importance of how well your tenant knows the property, they live there every day and know the property better than anyone, utilise this knowledge to your advantage!

Increased Revenue

How can remote inspections possibly increase your revenue? If your Property Managers are spending less time out of the office they can manage additional properties which means additional revenue for your office. Increased productivity and more time focused on your clients. You could even get your Property managers to do some business development in the spare time they have!

Minimise Rescheduled Inspections

As a Property Manager this is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of the job. You have all of your routines planned for the month and week and suddenly you have a bunch of routines reschedule or cancelled. The routines then back-up into a another busy month or week. Just because a routine inspection is rescheduled it doesn’t go away. Remote Inspections offers the perfect solution for tenants that may need to reschedule a routine due to an appointment or sickness. Simply send your tenant the link and allow them to conduct their own routine inspection in their own time. Problem solved!


Property Management burn-outs, staff turnover, people leaving the industry is all too common. The weight of responsibilities on Property Managers is immense with the many hats they have to wear. From routine inspections, leasing, ingoing reports, rent arrears, maintenance, lease renewals, the list goes on. By giving your Property Managers back time by including remote inspections in your office you can strike the right balance. Looking after your staff, keeping your staff happy, encouraging them to stay in turn keeps your clients happy, client retention becomes higher and your business can thrive.


We all play a part in looking after the environment around us. If we can minimise our carbon footprint we should. Using our cars to travel to routine inspections emits lots of toxic fumes into the atmosphere, some routine schedules includes an hour or more of driving. Conducting remote inspections is carbon footprint free! This is also something you can include in your marketing and as a huge benefit to your business.

Staff Sickness

When you run a real estate office staff sickness is just part of running a business. However as routine inspections are booked at least 7 working days in advance, having a staff member call in sick on an inspection day can pose a logistical nightmare! Stress levels become high, other staff may not be able to step in as they have their own routines or work to attend too. You can reschedule them, but tenants are often unhappy as they have spent time preparing for the inspection, it also creates a backlog of work for later on.Remote Inspections provides a great solution to still have them conducted in the office by a staff member quickly and easily from the comfort of their desk.

If you are already upgraded to our paperless office you can start utilising remote inspections now. If you have not upgraded email [email protected] to organise your upgrade now.