By Elle Lacey

Working from home has become the new normal. More and more of us are working remotely due to the impacts of the corona virus. With the sudden shift in working patterns and working environment it takes a little bit of time to adjust. We do not know how long we will have to work this way or whether we will go back to working full-time in an office again. So follow our top 5 tips to set yourself up for success and most important so you enjoy working from home.

1. Set up your working space

If you can master the basics you can master everything else. Start by making sure you have enough space to comfortably work for the day. Ensure your desk provides enough room for your computer, a note pad and pens. Make sure you have enough leg room and your legs are not squished. Try and make sure you have the right lighting in the room or even better natural light such as working near a window is great. If you are working on a monitor make sure it’s adjusted to the right height or use a desk riser, you can purchase these from office works.

2. Schedule breaks

It can be easy to fall into bad habits when you work from home such as not taking breaks and going to bed later because you keep working, which creates bad sleeping patterns. Make sure you schedule breaks during the day. Another good idea is to re-invest the time you would have spent commuting to work by exercising or including daily meditation in your day. You can simply go for a walk or read a book, as long as you are switching off.

3. Keep in touch

Just because you are not in the office doesn’t mean you stop communicating with your team. Working from home can be isolating its important that you stay in touch with your colleagues and team. Workplace chat, Whats App and Facebook Messenger are all great ways of checking in with your boss and colleagues, keeping them up to date with what you are working on and communicating if you need help with a project.

4. Set boundaries

It can be easy to fall into the trap of not having any routine when you are working from home. Treat your home office like your work office. Start your day with your normal breakfast and coffee and start work at the time you would normally start at the office. Limit time on social media to your break/lunch periods. Remember your not cinderella, working from home doesn’t mean you need to clean and tidy all day. Schedule a quick tidy and clean first thing in the morning before starting work. Working from home doesn’t mean you have a burn-out, look after yourself.

5. Stay focused

Working from home can be isolating and also can host a number of distractions. Minimise distractions by simply shutting the door. Play music to minimise outside noises and shut your office door. Make sure your office space is somewhere you enjoy working, a relaxing private sanctuary that you like working in. Motivate yourself, “the mindset mentor” podcasts on apple which are completely free are fantastic for inspiring you. The podcast is in 15 minute increments too so you don’t need to spend lots of time listening to them.

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