Real estate is all about people. We say it is “The People Business”  Real estate is all about connecting with your clients. Agent Video allows you connect with your clients wherever they are. By using short video clips/selfies you can personal your inspections and virtually connect with your clients anywhere in the world. We share with you 5 ways to make your agency stand out with Agent Video.

Say Hello

Simply record a short 15 second introduction with your inspections and put a human touch on your reports. Let’s be honest routine inspections aren’t the most fun, exciting reports to read so add a fun, personalised edge to your reports. Here is an example

“Hi John, it’s Claire here from 123 Real Estate. Just letting you know we have completed a routine at your property, the tenants are taking great care of your home. There is no maintenance to report and here is your report.”

Don’t let maintenance get forgotten

Too often we mention any maintenance issues in the report but we assume the landlord will actually read the report. I hate to break it to you but most landlords either don’t read them or skim over them missing important details such as maintenance. You Agent Video as an opportunity to bring any maintenance issues to your landlord straight away. Here is an example.

“Hi John this is Claire from 123 Real Estate. I have completed the latest inspection but the tenant has reported a leaking tap in the bathroom. Please let me know if you are happy for me to have this fixed.”

Insurance Claims

Unfortunately damage and insurance claims can happen at properties whether its a leaking roof or a leaking shower. What is very important is you have enough evidence and documentation to ensure your claim gets approved and the landlords investment is protected. Use Agent Video as a tool to back up your claim. Take a short 15 second video of the issue and this will be stored to be utilised if you ever need it. Because it is within the report it is also date and timed stamped.

Introduce the Tenant

How often has your landlord actually even met your tenant? Have they even seen them in person, yes they have seen their ID but those grainy, serious ID photos aren’t great are they? Of course make sure you have your tenants permission but why not get them to say Hello. Why not get them to share the maintenance issue. Maybe they just want to thank the landlord for being great. Get your tenant involved, it also brings a human side to your tenant to the landlord which may aide you with any issues that may arise further along in the tenancy.

Share Something

Have you noticed the roses flourishing at the property? Have you recently organised some renovations or maintenance at the property? Show the landlord. Record a short video to share any updates on the property that have recently occurred. This is a great way for your landlord to see their investment and that you have carried out any maintenance requests.