When we think about inspection software we often focus on the things we can actually see straight away or do. Such as performing an inspection, taking photos and completing the comments.

When your business is choosing an inspection software company it can be easy to miss some of the smaller aspects of the software that can make your life much easier!

Inspection Express software was built for property managers by property managers. Our mission is to make property managers lives easier.

We cover some of the automations that will give you back time in our latest blog.

Scheduling Paperless Reports 

Paperless Office allows you to schedule your paperless condition reports to be sent to the tenants on the lease start date. Complete your inspection, set the date and relax knowing your report will be sent to the tenant on the date you have specified.

Paperless Report Follow Up

Our software will automatically follow up the return of the report. You can adjust the parameters to suit with a follow up 2 or 3 days later.

You can set another email that will be sent confirming the report has not been returned after 7 days and the original report will be used. The system will do this for you so you don’t even have to think about it! 

Inspection Date Rollover

Your routine inspections once completed will automatically be rolled over to new dates in your portfolio software. We integrate with industry leaders such as propertyme. There is no entering inspections again or re-scheduling the software does everything for you. This is only for Propertyme and Rpoffice at this stage.

Scheduling Paperless Leasing

Paperless Leasing allows you to schedule your paperless leases to be sent to the tenant in advance. This is particularly useful if you have accepted a tenant to move in later such as 3-4 weeks time.

You can organise the lease to be sent on the date that suits. You can use this for lease renewals, if a tenant has decided to renew organise the lease to be sent in advance.

Paperless Leasing Follow Up

The system will automatically follow up the return off the lease on parameters set by you. No printing off any reports or manually chasing the return of the lease. A full audit trail is captured throughout the process leaving no room for any discrepancies.

If you would like to find out more about our software please head to the book a demo page.