We were delighted to be joined for a virtual interview with Brendan Cassidy from PRD Nationwide Ballarat. Brendan joined PRD in 2012 and also holds a diploma in business management. Brendan shares how Inspection Express has assisted him and his team to work more efficiently.

How has the paperless condition reports benefited your agency? 

The use of paperless condition reports has streamlined our portfolio, and with the ease of use and convenience for both us as agents and the tenants it is fantastic. We have had really good feed back from our landlords and tenants also.

What do you think are the key benefits of having a paperless office?

The benefits of a paperless office, enables access for all staff to be able to access the required documentation, and in the current pandemic it has enabled our staff to be able to work remotely from home and still have all the paperwork at hand.

Can you tell us 2 things you love about Inspection Express and why? 

  1. Inspection Express has made our lives as a property manager so much easier, the ease of use and convenience has revolutionised the way we manage our portfolios.
  2. Remote inspections, paperless condition reports and leases has made our lives simpler, easier and more convenient for all parties, and streamlines our processes. The tenants ability to digitally sign without having to meet at the office, or return a signed paper condition report has meant we are getting condition reports back sooner, and our tenants have advised how much more convenient it is for them, as they are busy too.

Tell us what is your favourite thing about working in property management?

I have worked in property management for 10 years and I love that I have an amazing team I work with, every day is different, and the ability to meet and communicate with so many different people makes every day interesting and rewarding at the same time.