We had the pleasure of having a virtual interview with Claire Van Dyk from Brad Teal. Brad Teal is a multi network office agency which was founded in 1987. Claire is the Inspections Manager and loves the variety her role brings.

Claire uses the Inspection Express app every day in her role and she was kind enough to share her insights on how the app has helped her in her job.

How has the paperless condition reports benefited your agency? 

Paperless condition reports have been extremely beneficial to our agency as they provide a complete convenience for all parties, they give the tenants the opportunity to add any comments or photos regarding the property.

This ensures the condition report is as detailed and as accurate as possible.

It is a very simple system to use, with plenty of assistance and support available from Inspection Express if we have any issues or questions.

What do you think are the key benefits of having a paperless office?

There are multiple benefits to being a completely paperless office, this includes having all records, date and time stamps and copies of all reports and correspondence that is required on a permanent record ( E.g.: Key Forms, Condition Reports, Routine Inspection reports etc. ).

This provides more clarity when things are completed, thus providing an accurate representation of the property.

Another benefit is the tenant is given the opportunity to include additional photos for further evidence and confirmation, rather than just the written word of the agent.

Can you tell us 2 things you love about Inspection Express and why? 

I love the simplicity yet extremely efficient workflow that allows us to complete all items. Alongside our trust system, Inspection Express is our agencies best tool.

I also really love the support system from the company and all the training and assistance they provide to ensure the whole process runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Tell us what is your favourite thing about working in property management?

My favourite thing about working in Property Management is the people you get to work with.

Whether it be the owners, tenants, tradespeople or my team.

Everyone strives to provide the best service and outcome for all.

The relationships you get to build will last you a lifetime.