We were lucky enough to be joined by Lisa Ayoub from Ray White Inner West where she explains how Inspection Express has benefited their agency and a little bit about Ray White Inner West. Check out the full interview below.

Can you share a little about you and your role with Ray White?

I started in Real Estate when I was 18, my first role as a receptionist. From there, I slowly worked my way up learning as much a I could along the way. I have been with Ray White Inner West for 11 years. I started as a Property Manager and I am now the Team Leader.

I support a team of 10 across two offices which include five Property Managers, two leasing consultants, admin and the Director.

How long have you used Inspection Express for?

Our offices have been using Inspection Express for two months.

How has the paperless condition reports benefited your agency? 

The most obvious is of course saving paper. It has also been beneficial with time due to ease of use and the automations setup in the background. We no longer need to chase tenants to return their condition reports, Inspection Express does this for you!

What do you think are the key benefits of having a paperless office?

The key benefits of having a paperless office are time efficiency which in turn improves productivity. It’s financially more cost-effective while also reducing the future environmental impact. There is also a logged paper trail to limit any risk.

Can you tell us 2 things you love about Inspection Express and why? 

I asked my colleague Marina to answer this question as she definitely uses Inspection Express more than I do.

  1. The overall presentation of the inspection reports. They are very easy to understand, easy to customise to your property & look great. We’ve had clients comment on this also with routine inspection reports that they love the new look.
  1. Paperless Reportng – it’s so much easier for us – we can read the tenants comments clearly as they are now typed, not handwritten. It’s easier to keep a record of their returned photos as they’re at the back of the report and the tenants always return a copy.

Tell us what is your favourite thing about working in property management?

There are no two days the same in property management and this for me is what excites me the most.

Things can change at any moment, which often requires you to think on your feet and complete several tasks at the one time.  I also get enjoyment supporting the team and being their go-to when they need advice.

What changes have you made to the way you do your job since the pandemic? 

Keeping up to date with the never ending legislative changes has been very important throughout the pandemic.

Our offices have also implemented new cloud based software and electronic document signing. This has been a big change very quickly during a pandemic so being super organised has never been more important than the present!