We had the pleasure of sitting down virtually with Sharon Turner from About Time Real Estate. Sharon is based in Perth, Western Australia. With decades of experience in property management and a true passion for helping others and offering a personalised service, Sharon now operates her own boutique agency in Perth.
Sharon shares how Inspection Express has benefited her as a Property Manager/Business Owner and the positive impacts working paperless has had on her business. Check out the full interview below.

1. How has the paperless condition reports benefited your agency?

I now have a 100% return rate and a 98% zero alterations made by tenants on ingoing reports. This means that the quality of the reports is so good that tenants simply agree to the entire report without correction.
You  can set the reports once completed to be copied to owner, tenant and yourself means that from day one everyone is literally on the same page. There are no miscommunications or confusions.
The true beauty of these reports however is not really appreciated until you vacate. I know I have an irrefutable before and after report which means that if I ever do need to take a case to court I know that I have all the evidence that I need to win the claim.  My experience has also been that insurance companies also love the reports. So it really is a win win!

What do you think are the key benefits of having a paperless office?

Definitely the cost, the time you save, the lack or arguments and conflict. Also the ease of recall for files and no more lost documents. Everything is stored electronically and is easy to access. Inspection Express really does save you so much time!

Can you tell us two things you love about Inspection Express and why?

The support is just next to none. I have used many different programmes and the support and guidance you get from Inspection Express is outstanding. Out of all the programs I use Inspection Express really is the top two for support.
Ongoing product improvement, they continue to make the product that’s already good even better.

Tell us what is your favourite thing about working in property management?

Truly it’s the people. I actually like my fellow humans and really enjoy being able to help people, at the end of the day people use agents because they’re time poor, so it’s About Time, About Service and about being backed by quality and reliable programs like Inspection Express.