Simone Bermingham from Jellis Craig has more than 25 years experience, she is a mature and knowledgeable leader. Simone is also a landlord herself so understands what is required in a property manager. We were thrilled to be joined virtually by Simone where she tells us a little bit about why she loves property management, and how Inspection Express has benefited her agency.

How has the paperless condition reports benefited your agency? 

We love Inspection Express as it saves us so much time.

It has also reduced business risk as it automates the follow up reminders and provides deadlines that cannot be passed without an agreed extension. This for us is incredible and we wouldn’t be without it now.

What do you think are the key benefits of having a paperless office?

Anyone can access anything, anywhere, anytime! The ability to be able to do that within our business is priceless.

Can you tell us 2 things you love about Inspection Express and why? 

We love the automations which saves time and unnecessary manual follow up for all the documents in the program.

The Audit trail which allows for tracking and shows the status.

Oh and how quick the turnaround times are! Amazing!

Tell us what is your favourite thing about working in property management?

Helping people, whether it’s sharing my experiences with clients to achieve the best result, or staff to

assist their professional development and save time on tasks wherever possible along the way.