We had the pleasure of having a mini virtual interview with Simon Fung from Woodards. Simon heads up the department at Woodards and has a wealth of experience in real estate.

Simon has been a longstanding client at Inspection Express and he shares how Inspection Express has benefited his department, tips on going paperless and more…

How has the paperless condition reports benefited your agency?

Paperless condition reports has been a revolution. It has enabled us to deliver a substantially more positive customer journey for our tenants when they commence a new lease.

Moving home can be a stressful time and one of the last things a tenant has time for is to check through pages and pages of printed photos and written comments.

Most of our ingoing condition reports contain over 500 photos! We have seen a 200%+ increase in the number of returned condition reports since we introduced the system, which gives you an indication of just how easy it makes the process for our landlord’s customers.

The paperless condition report allows us to set and forget at any time prior to the tenancy commencement date.

It offers a central location for all condition report activity which supports trouble shooting and allows deeper insight into this segment of the business. It also provides evidence of service and history of everything.

Have you tried our remote inspections feature? How do you think you will utilise this once the pandemic is over?

Yes we have tested this module and have experienced positive results. The function of the tool is excellent and there is no doubt a place for this kind of software in the market. In our experience uptake levels vary depending on tenant category.

It is clear that a proportion of tenants are happy to engage in the process, and that this tool offers a solution in a number of specific settings (i.e. a tenant has contracted COVID19).

Other tenants need significant encouragement to engage, and others avoid. Our market place is dominated by several specific tenant groups, and we feel that more consistent outcomes may be possible in other settings.

Tell us what is your favourite thing about working in property management?

The day to day pressures on property managers is immense and few survive it in the long term (let’s be frank). That said, there are two shinning beacons of light in all property managers’ lives. 1 – Flexibility and movement.

Apart from a few mandatory meetings, property managers are free to manage their own calendars in our business.

Moving from office to onsite work, and back again breaks up your day and is far superior to sitting in a glass box 8 hours a day.

Unlimited earning potential – Anyone who can list new business in property management is valuable and is always rewarded financially for helping to build the business.

Translation: hard work = more money. Few jobs offer both these benefits.

Thank you one of our amazing clients Simon Fung for your insights and wonderful tips. If you would like to find out more on how Inspection Express can benefit your agency, head to the following link to book your complimentary demo.  https://ipropertyexpress.com/book-a-demo/