With so many property inspection software companies on the market; how do you choose which one is the best fit for your agency? The choices can be overwhelming, it is often easy to miss small details than can make all the difference when carrying out inspections. Today we will explore what to look out for with inspection software and some important questions to ask your software provider.

Does the software have paperless options?

Does the inspection software offer paperless options? Having the ability to send your reports anywhere, anytime is pretty essential right now isn’t it! With all the restrictions and remote working having a paperless office is crucial to an agency being able to operate remotely. Having paperless options also saves a serious amount of time and of course all the costs associated with printing documents.

In property management we need to be able to work efficiently and save time with the option of paperless leases, paperless reports and inspections this can be a huge game changer for your agency.

Inspection Express offers a full suite for paperless office including paperless reports, paperless leases and management authorities. 

What programmes does that software integrate with?

Inspection software is often a stand alone product but does it integrate with your property management software? Is this integration seamless and how does it work? Integrations are pretty incredible and can save your agency a tonne of time with avoiding double entering data and the seamless migration of data from one software programme to another. Find out which programmes the software integrates with and if yours is on the list.

Inspection Express integrates with Propertyme, Property Tree, Re-Leased, Console and more.

What training and support are provided? Does it cost? Can I provide feedback?

This is an extremely important question because it does not matter how good the software is you will always have questions from time to time. You may want to provide feedback and receive support. You also need to know what training is provided, is it often and is it easy to access? With new staff being onboarded, new features and changes you need to be assured that your team will receive the best support and training available and also that your concerns will be listened too. It is also important that the training offered is not an additional cost on top of the software. This includes onboarding is this an additional charge? Is there an online knowledge base available to seek answers to questions that you may have?

Inspection Express offers training through your admin portal every month with multiple training sessions available. Onboarding is complimentary and digital making it very easy and simple. 

How often does the software release updates? What security measures does the platform have in place?

For software and programmes to work well the software needs to be regularly updated. With software that is not regularly updated you often find there are issues with bugs, apps crash and are slow to operate and have error codes. In real estate we also have a lot of sensitive data at hand with personal details and possibly even account information. It is really important that this data is protected and safe. Ask your software provider how often the apps they offer are updated and what security measures do they have in place to make sure your data and information is secure.

Inspection Express is part of a serviced based cloud server based in Australia governed by Australian Law. You can rest assured your data is safe and secure. Inspection Express also regularly updates its software with multiple updates every week to ensure your app is optimised and works seamlessly. 

What features are available to save time and work more efficiently in property management?

Real estate agents and property managers are always looking for ways to save time and work more efficiently. You have to remember you will probably be using the software on a daily basis so if the software can save a few minutes with various features this will save you hours of time in the long run. You also need to make sure the app works well and has a good workflow, new staff can use it easily and its works with and without data. Look for the smaller features such as automation reminders, automation follow ups and features that save you double entering information.

Inspection Express offers a number of time saving features such as copying areas from one area to another within the app, automations such as automatic reminders for the follow up and return of the property condition report and more. Our app was built by property managers for property managers. 


How long does the app take to sync photos and is it automatic or manual? How many photos can be stored and taken?

When completing a condition report one of the most time consuming aspects of the condition report is uploading photos. You need to ensure this process is automatic but also how long does it take. Every app is different and has different syncing times, depending on the number of photos taken some apps can take anywhere between 1-2 hours or more to sync photos. I have used apps that even take overnight. Another good question to ask is, is there a limit on the number of photos which can be taken in the app? Some software companies limit this too, for example 500, most condition reports go over this number so then you are left with uploading additional photos in an external programme such as drop box.

Inspection Express has a unique syncing engine that allows you to sync thousands of photos in seconds. There is no limit on the number of photos that can be taken within the app.