Elle and Mark are the Directors & Trainers at Keepu In House. Keepu In House is on a mission to save real estate agencies time and be cost effective by providing a report training solution to complete reports quickly and easily. Keepu also offers social media management and marketing assistance to agencies across Australia. We were delighted to be joined by Keepu In House in our latest episode in our Partner Series. See the full interview below.

Introduction from Kelly

Hi there and thank you for tuning in! I am delighted to be joined by Elle and Mark from Keepu In House. Keepu In House offers property report training to agencies across Australia.

Elle has over a decade of experience in real estate and has run her own successful agency in Perth for 3 years. Keepu offers marketing consultancy and social media assistance to agencies as well.

Elle manages all Inspection Expresses marketing she is awesome!

Can you share a bit about Keepu and your mission?

Our business provides property report training to agencies across Australia. Our training is through webinars so we can reach any agency in Australia. Our mission is to save agencies lots of time and offer a cost effective solution by completing reports in 1 hour or less. We want to change the narrative on how reporting is perceived by property managers, we want you to enjoy conducting them!

We also offer marketing consultancy and social media management to real estate agencies. Marketing is my passion and I know first hand how important it is, as it grew my outsourcing organically in 6 months to servicing 35 agencies in Perth. The power of social media is never to be underestimated. I really want to share that with agencies so they can see the benefits.

Can you explain how the partnership with Inspection Express has helped developed the Keepu 1 Hour Method?

Sure! We started completing reports over 3 years ago. We started by dictaphoning them and getting them transcribed and typed up. We took the photos and then uploaded them to a drop box, this took so much time and was very time consuming. It was a minimum of 1.5 hours on site plus travel time, admin time at home, uploading photos can take all night.

The great thing about Inspection Express is the quality of the photos, uploading photos can be done in 5 seconds.

As a small business we were looking at ways to be cost effective, Inspection Express software allowed us to create better work flows, better processes and a better way of working.

It is also important to add that we serviced over 35 agencies in Perth using our Keepu 1 Hour Method with just the two of us and no additional staff. It really works!

We are huge advocates for saving time and working smarter. Can you share with us the benefits of paperless reporting and remote inspections?

Yes of course. Paperless reports I believe are absolutely essential. I don’t think anyone should be printing reports anymore.

I remember standing by a printer when I was a property manager and printing pages and pages of a report, 9 times out of 10 the paper would get jammed, frustrating and time wasting.

Being able to sit at your desk and simply press a button and the report is sent to your tenant is absolutely amazing. Time saving and for environmental reasons alone is a reason to become paperless.

Remote Inspections are very popular right now due to restrictions within the pandemic.

As a former property manager myself I can see the benefits long term way past just now. Incorporating a remote inspection alongside your physical inspections can be hugely time saving. By carrying out even just one remote inspection per property in your portfolio a year will save you hours and hours of time.

My advice would be to embrace the amazing technology we have at our finger tips and work smarter not harder.

Can you share with us 1 to 2 ways of getting your office paperless?

Paperless is the way to go! A lot of agents are working remotely right now, having a cloud based system and having a paperless process is so important.

My first tip is to look at how much paper you actually have. How many files do you have? Allocate 1 hour a week to start scanning any files into your software and very soon you will have eliminated most of the paper from your office.

The second tip is to have achievable goals, going paperless takes time. Look at your processes and start making them paperless too. Start with your property condition reports going paperless, then look at your leasing and your application forms.

If you would like to book training or assistance with Keepu please head to www.keepu.com.au or email [email protected] – If you are an inspection express user you can purchase the Keepu Phrasebook which has over 1000 phrases to build your own report. Keepu can then add this phrasebook to your software as an additional service. Please check this out in their shop on their website.