Remote Inspections are a great way to offer your clients choice. It also allows you to continue conducting inspections even during restrictions and lockdowns. We take a closer look at remote inspections and how to make them a success!

Prepare & Educate

Although the process of carrying out a remote inspection is very simple due to the technology, it is still important to educate and prepare your tenants so the process is easy and simple for them. Take advantage of encouraging your tenant to watch the short video we include in the email we include to send to them inviting them to conduct it.

You can also send our tenant guide to your tenant a few days before so they have a clear understanding on what is required. You can even make a quick phone call on the day to make sure they don’t have any questions. This will save you time in the long run and avoid any miscommunication.

Template, Template, Template!

Make sure you set some time aside before you book in your remote inspections to ensure your templates and letters are suitable for your agency and clients.

We include some templates for you to use but we encourage you to adjust them and personalise them to suit your clients and tenants. We advise you to set parameters in your inspections to make sure your tenants take enough photos and comments.


Whilst it is essential to advise your tenants how your agency will be conducting the inspections, it is also vitally important to advise your clients too. You don’t want to give them any surprises when they receive the remote inspection.

You also don’t want any phone/calls or emails from clients worrying that a remote inspection might cause issues. Educate and inform your clients on the process and show them why their investment is still protected and in safe hands. Take the time to show them how a remote inspection works and encourage their input with asking them if there is anything in particular they would like the tenant to take note off.

Be Patient

The majority of tenants will conduct the inspections throughly and efficiently. You may find that some tenants need a bit of extra help or they might not complete the inspection completely right the first time. In these cases we encourage you to maybe do a short walk through on face time or zoom with them first, giving them the opportunity to ask any questions and also it gives you the chance to show and explain to them what you need. This is also a great way to build a rapport with your tenant.

Utilise & Implement

Remote inspections are very popular due to the current restrictions and lockdowns in Australia. However remote inspections could also play a part in the way we conduct inspections in the future. Being able to conduct routines virtually can be a lifesaver in situations where staff are off sick, on leave or if your tenant tries to reschedule the inspection due to sickness. You may also want to think about implementing virtual routines every other inspection. That way you get the right balance between remote and in person inspections. This will save you hours of time which could be better spent on other tasks.