Inspection Express has formed a number of partnerships with exciting and innovative businesses connected to the real estate industry. Today we explore how our software intergrates with Movinghub and what their software offers…

Movinghub makes it simple for real estate agents to offer an end to end service to their clients. It allows you to connect your tenants to utilities easily and gives your office the opportunity to make an additional revenue stream.

What makes Movinghub different to other connection providers?

Movinghub offers some of the highest returns compared to other connection services available. Movinghub offers 26 services which can assist pre and post moving home such as electricity gas and broadband.

Using the Movinghub platform you can create multiple campaigns to supply your clients under different branches and agents. The hub dashboard allows you to track your revenue and better understand how much Movinghub is generating you in income. It allows you to track your leads and updates you when they have been contacted and connected  – no follow up required!

How does Movinghub integrate with Inspection Express?

Inspection Express is partnered with Movinghub which means our software is fully intergrated, so its really easy to use!

The Movinghub option is available within your paperless leasing agreement on your admin portal. It is automatically ticked for your tenants, but they can simply opt out with the click of a button if they choose too.

The tenants details are then automatically sent to Movinghub so they can contact your client straight away.

There are no lengthy forms to fill out, forms to send off or forms for your tenant to complete. Our integration takes all the hard work out so you just receive the cash benefits.

What are the key benefits to using Movinghub?

  • Create an additional revenue stream for your office with every referral sent to Movinghub.
  • Fully integrated with Inspection Express for ease of use.
  • No lengthy forms to fill out or send off everything is sent automatically through our software.
  • Helps you keep track of leads, how much money you have made and services used with the cloud based dashboard.
  • Allows you to offer an additional complimentary service to your clients that they will love, which also allows your office to reap the rewards too.
  • Provides automated workflows with email reminders, an easy to use dashboard showing you when your clients have been contacted and connected saving you precious time.

If you are interested in seeing how you can connect Movinghub to your account or you would like to know the commissions please email [email protected]