We were joined by Lisa Pentland from Property Me in our latest video in our Partner Series. Lisa has over 3 decades of experience in real estate and owned her own agency for 15 years. Lisa now heads up as General Manager for Sales and Services for PropertyMe.

Kelly sat down with Lisa to discuss how Inspection Express integrates with PropertyMe and the key benefits of this integration. Check out the full interview below..

As property managers we never have enough time, what are 3 ways PropertyMe saves property managers time?

Starting from the very beginning, Property Managers have an instant dashboard when they login to PropertyMe so they can visually see where they are at, straight away.

It enables property managers to quickly prioritise their day. They don’t have to generate lots of reports to see where they are it. It is very clear on what they need to address first.

The owner and the tenant portal are a huge time saver for our customers. They are really easy to access, it reduces those phone calls from clients by up to 50% into the office, which take up valuable time, and lets you concentrate on managing the tasks at hand.

Some of those calls can easily be solved and the portals within PropertyMe offers that solution.

You have better control and less interruptions from customers. Most PropertyMe users say they save half a day to 1 day per property manager per week by using PropertyMe which is significant!

In your eyes what is the importance of integrating with other platforms such as Inspection Express?

At PropertyMe our philosophy is built on allowing customers to have  the choice on who they want to use and where they want their business to shine. Whilst PropertyMe is a single solution, we understand businesses need choice and their market places are individual. They should be able to customise their buisness in the best way. Integrations faciliate that choice.

Integrations with other platforms need to be great and seamless. Inspection express offers that.

The transparency with data and the fact it feeds back into PropertyMe. PropertyMe has had a long standing integration with Inspection Express and the feedback has been great so far, the improvements and changes along the way have been welcomed by clients and Inspection Express has always embraced those changes.

Have you got any tips on going paperless in the office?

A lot of businesses that come across to us have that goal in mind. Start by scanning documents in, all the old papers you have in your office, start by getting rid of them and putting them into an online solution.

Those filing cabinets are taking up valuable space in your office! You never need to print again, even just making the decision to go paperless is a huge one. You can keep everything online, of course you need to make sure its safe and secure.

Printing really is a thing of the past! Even just generating arrears reports for example and printing them off, you don’t need to do that anymore. It is all available in the dashboard. It needs thought and consideration but if you take the time you will not regret it, going paperless really is revolutionary!

If you would like to find out more on what PropertyMe has to offer please head to https://www.propertyme.com.au/request-a-demo

If you have any other burning questions on our integration with PropertyMe and more key benefits please email [email protected]