Inspection Express is committed to partnering with key real estate businesses so you can get the most value from your account. Today Kelly sat down with Kris the CEO of MovingHub.
Kris is going to speak to us about assisting our tenants with moving and a bit of extra revenue and how we can automate this process with our paperless leasing.

Can you share with us two to three ways on why you would use MovingHub compared to other providers?

The major difference is MovingHub is a software company. Traditionally the utilities industry has been flooded with sales and marketing businesses, call centre back ends. They are getting the leads in and then promoting their brand.
What we have done differently is we have allowed agencies to offer the moving and connections services under their own brand.
Traditionally they are referred to a third party brand and that’s the only brand that will benefit with branding. Whereas our solution allows the agency to use a bolt on. If they are called ABC real estate within seconds we can create ABC connect or ABC concierge. The client has the experience with the same brand rather than a third party company.

How does MovingHub and the integration with Inspection Express get the most out of the service?

Integration is key. It makes the customer experience and user experience seamless.
Imagine you are a user and you then have to do something else like a referral to another company. In the traditional method you then have to change what you are doing, use another platform and then probably double enter data. It makes the customers life easier. The client journeys and process doesn’t change and the user experience is more efficient.

How does the Integration work?

The integration works through the last page of the lease the tenant can opt in or opt out of being contacted through MovingHub to have their utilities connected. As soon as the lease is signed the information gets sent straight through to movinghub.

What’s your turn around time Kris?

We call the clients back in the next two hours. We have a contact process we call the client back 5 times over 3-4 business days. So we aren’t going to call the client 10-15 times in a day. We have a process. The client will get a call within the first two hours. We contact them 4 hours after that if we cannot reach them.

What additional revenue can we make by integrating with MovingHub?

In Victoria any agency can earn up to $170 for a customer.  This is built by electricity connections and gas connections and broadband, they are the top 3. There is also removals, storage and cleaning. The client can then leverage the service after their move it isn’t just the initial connection. We want it to be so that the client can go back to them at a later stage. They could use that money for team events, nights out, movie nights and drinks. You can use the money however you like! It boosts your revenue, the more you promote the service the more you earn!

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