Inspection Express is committed to partnering with key real estate businesses to ensure you get the most value from your account with us. In our latest instalment in our “Partner Series” we are joined by “Melbourne Property Agents who offer training and consultancy amongst other things in our property management businesses.

Nina Sutton, founder of “Melbourne Property Agents has over 10 years property management experience. Nina is experienced in training, consultancy and running large departments.

Can you tell us a bit about Melbourne Property Agents and your mission?

Sure, Melbourne property agents was founded by me in 2018 and we help businesses across the PM space to run their departments more effectively. We go in with a range of services that we offer them to assist going forward in their departments.

Can you give us two or three ways melbourne property agents can help us in our businesses?

The first part to our business is we offer temporary property management services. All of our agents are hired through us and have a minimum 5 years experience. This helps our clients when they have staff on leave or in between roles. It really does give them the time to find the right fit for their team.
The second part is we do outsourcing on the ground from our office in Melbourne. We offer remote inspections, routine inspections when allowed, entry condition reports and exits. Along with some admin and property management tasks, trust accounting, leasing and processing of applications.
The third part is our training and consultancy. We are partners of PropertyMe. We recently launched our Australian tour but due to Covid-19 we have had to put a hold on that. We train people on how to use the programme and get more out of it.

We were just speaking earlier on how you run your remote inspections which sounds really cool?

With software such as Inspection Express we go through and offer the remote inspections. We then follow up that up with a virtual walk through to make sure the tenants aren’t hiding anything and have completed the inspection correctly. We will then edit the comments and create a full report for the client.

Can you give us a quick over view on how Inspection Express has helped your business or your clients business?

I’ve been a huge fan for a long time. I think we were one of the first clients and have used it since the very beginning. It saves them a lot of time and makes everything very efficient. We use it for paperless office and inspections. We use it day to day with inspections and paperless condition reports. All the way through to the exits and routines. We also get them on board with the paperless office because we do believe the return rate is about 85 percent higher than in paper form. It saves that chasing back and forth. If they can just click a button it saves them a lot of time.

Is there anything you would like to share on going paperless in the office?

My first tip would be get a great cloud based system like palace or property me. You can work form anywhere and all the integrations like inspection express and connection services, you had to fill out paper forms in the past now it’s all in one place. Everything’s stored in one place. The second thing I would make use of is trello creating your own checklists. Use everything paperless and digitally. Nothing gets missed. You can also save those in your software.
If you would like to find out more about Melbourne Property Agents please head to