Inspection Express were lucky to be joined by Michael Abbott CEO of Palace. Palace is a New Zealand based Property Management software company. Michael joined us to talk about the integration between Palace and Inspection Express whilst sharing some insights and tips on the industry.

In Property Management “time” is something we never have enough of. Can you tell us two to three ways Palace saves Property Managers time?

Yes sure, the first one is the most obvious one. You and I are both working from home now we are in the COVID world. Being able to use your software anywhere, anytime is essential to succeed as a business. So being cloud based is very important.

Maybe something less obvious is the integrations we have, obviously we integrate with Inspection Express. Those integrations save a lot of time as well. Instead of for example uploading your properties to some of the portals.

Instead of having to re-enter information for tenancy applications, this all saves a lot of time.

Some people do not pay attention to this but it does save a lot of time in the long run.

The automations and the bulk facilities that we provide. Instead of having to contact tenants and owners one by one. We provide automations for example automatically chasing up rent arrears. This saving in time allows businesses to really grow and scale their businesses.

Can you share why you think it is so important for products like Palace to integrate with third party platforms like Inspection Express?

We have always been quite keen on building up our integrations. We do have our own mobile app but what we have found is different people like different things. So we did not want to dictate services or what functions people use.

Those integrations allow us to give our customers choice. It allows them to choose what applications they use. It is very important that we allow this as our customers know what works best for them.

What Inspection Express offers is expertise. Whilst we do offer that service it is not our core service or focus. Inspection Express solely focuses on inspections, we like our customers to be exposed to those options.

Can you share any tips on going completely paperless in the office?

Sure my tips for myself and my team would be, especially during lockdown. We don’t have printers at home, we have been using for a while is HelloSign. It allows you to sign documents electronically.

Mobile inspections is a big one, people used to use paper forms.

Lastly the use of tenancy application forms, you can screen all of your tenants online instead of using paper applications. This information can also be fed straight into the system using the integrations so there is no double handling or double data entry.

If you are interested in finding more about how Palace works or would like to arrange a demo please head to