Kelly Dickens from Inspection Express was joined by Josh Symons from MRI on Wednesday in the first video of our “Partner Series”. We had the pleasure of discussing how our software integrates with Property Tree and the key benefits of this merge of our platforms. Josh was kind enough to share some great tips on moving your office to a paperless office. Check out the full interview below.

The one thing property managers want to save is time, how can Property Tree give us back time?

Property Tree aims to remove a lot of the automated and repetitive tasks associated with property management, such as arrears notifications and inspection notifications. Technology can take care of administrative tasks that can be mundane and time-consuming. This time saving allows principals to grow their businesses and increase revenue flow.

In your eyes what are the key benefits of integrating your software with other platforms such as Inspection Express?

At MRI it is key for us to have a connected platform, we want to give people choice. We recognise that different businesses have different needs. We understand that our clients have long term relationships with Inspection Express. Some of the benefits include removing double handling and extra data entry for property managers. It reduces the need to switch between platforms and is easier to use. We are excited to introduce single sign on soon, instead of multiple sign ons and will allow streamlining of both platforms.

With the current pandemic, a lot of clients have switched to working remotely. How has Property Tree made this an easy transition?

Property Tree is totally cloud-based. There are no issues with access, you can access it anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet. Integrating with Inspection Express has provided our clients with flexibility. Our cloud-based solution to allow you to work anytime. If you have children this allows great flexibility and freedom as you can simply login at a time that suits. You don’t need to go into a static office, your office is your laptop. If you can take your laptop you can work anywhere.

Finally, can you share any tips you have ongoing paperless and the importance of having a paperless office?

At MRI we have always encouraged people to try and be as paperless as possible. This dates back to “filesmart” and the server days. Property Tree allows you to keep all of your documents relating to property management, in your owner, tenant and creditor cards. You can simply store this information in your software for ease of use. Soon you will be able to send any documents via our mobile app making it even easier to obtain and send your documents. It is really important to be getting all of your paper files in one space, so if you need to work from home you can. I would say just take some time out of your week to start doing this, focus on it and soon your office will be totally paperless and you won’t look back.

Inspection Express is committed to forming partnerships with key real estate businesses. These partnerships make the lives of property managers easier, less data to enter, documents are easy to find. Data can talk to each other which means less work for you and more automations. Join us on selected Wednesdays where we discuss our partnerships and how you can get the most value from your account.

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