We were joined by Fabian from Multi Array in our latest video in our Partner Series. Fabian has a wealth of experience in real estate as well as running his own agency in the past. Fabian now develops the Multi Array product.

Kelly sat down with Fabian to discuss how Inspection Express integrates with Multi Array and the key benefits of the integration. Check out the full interview below.

As Property Managers time is something we never have enough of can you share with us 2 to 3 ways that Multi Array saves time?

As I have been a client of multi array and also working for multi array and being part of a property management business.  I was always looking for new ways to save time and grow the rent roll. It gave me great exposure and experience for what needed to be done.
Three of the most valuable ways it saves time are; Multi array is a fully integrated system like a one stop shop. It even does website management and payroll. There is no logging into multiple  products.
We have a total overview on everything that’s going on in the business. The workflow is efficient and seamless. Another key feature is the automations, like activity planners, email reminders and SMS reminders. It allowed us to be on top of the business day to day.
The product still allowed us to have a personalised approach, the system allows you to give owners different information and is customisable.

In your eyes what do you see are the most important reasons why you would integrate with third-party platforms like Inspection Express?

Integration points are there to make the user experience a more efficient process. When we started integrating with Inspection Express we were keen to have a very simple, easy to use and manage process.
As soon as you schedule your appointment the information is there. There is no need to sync, or do anything. Schedule it, logon and all the data is there. Having that level of integration allows Property Managers to run their businesses more efficiently. It’s about making the end user experience as seamless as possible.

Finally have you got any tips on going completely paperless?

I think this is probably everyone’s goal to go completely paperless. Going paperless is easier said than done. There is two key things you need to look at before going paperless.
You need to set a target and a goal. When I worked at Multi Array there were some key mistakes I saw when offices tried to go paperless. They wanted to achieve everything tomorrow. Thats never going to happen. Start by making your property condition reports paperless, then move onto leases and managing agreements. Start filing everything electronically.
We started by filing everything that was less than 12 months old. Then we shredded that information, we were hesitant to do this but we had all the information in the system.
Especially with Covid-19 having that ability to go paperless with tenancy agreements is a huge benefit for real estate agents and offices. So make sure you set a target don’t try and do it all tomorrow!

Inspection Express is committed to forming partnerships with key real estate businesses. If you would like to find out more about what Multi Array offers please head to https://www.multiarray.com